Elective; Design, make and position your shoe

In collaboration with the international art academy; Willem de Kooning Academy (WDKA), we have put together a two weekly elective for students who are interested in starting their own brand.

'' From idea to prototype within 2 weeks ''

Within two weeks the students experience the complete process of researching, concepting, designing and delivering a prototype. WDKA creates the setting in which students can develop and broaden their interests.

We support this line of thought and we like to add value to the students. By sharing our steps, successes and mistakes with the students, they get the right handles when setting up their own brand.

Wesley dos Santos, founder of DIVERSITÉ FOOTWEAR: 'After the kick-off at our office, the students only needed a few days to make something out of nothing. I am very impressed by their creativity and determination. Experiencing and contributing to this process gives me energy and a satisfied feeling!'

'' Perfect proof of making something out of nothing ''

Also designer Charissa Saija is proud of the election: 'I am positively surprised by the results and developments that the students have achieved within 2 weeks. As a designer, I know how difficult it is to design and position a shoe. I have a lot of respect for the students!'

Daan Haak, student from WDKA: 'Their story is a perfect proof of making something out of nothing. From idea to realization. This election has shown me that it is important to keep believing in yourself and in your idea. Persistence and identity are two things that I'll take with me.'

'' Fully booked in no time ''

This election has become one of the most popular programs and was fully booked in no time. In all programs WDKA help students to gain the competences needed for the future profession: attitude, knowledge, know-how and skills.

We are looking forward to a follow-up of this election and want to give a special thanks to the teachers for making this happen: Mark Schotman, Maarten Jan van 't Oever (Business Station), Christa van der Meer (Fabric Station) and Annekatrien van Meegen (Design Professional).




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