Opening of Diversité HQ

In order to present our collections and reach more retailers we decided to open our headquarter in the place where Diversité Footwear is rooted; Delfshaven (Rotterdam).

Wesley dos Santos: 'We could not imagine a better place than Delfshaven to establish our first HQ. Delfshaven is one of the most multicultural neighborhood in the world and also the place where Adilson (co-founder) and I were born and grew up with each other. It's our hood and by establishing ourselves here we can add value to the place that shaped us.' 

Adilson Araujo: 'Besides the fact that it's our workspace, interested customers and retailers are free to pass by our HQ in order to feel, fit and buy our products. People can see all our collections and we have a ATM available if you want to buy your exclusive pair or gift card. We always take the time for everyone and like talking to people to see how we can add value to each other.'

 Our HQ is located in the Makerdam building, a hub for innovation, learning and entrepreneurship. It is a place to play, to create, to learn, to mentor and to invent. We are a community of designers, technologists, makers and innovators under the same roof into one of the best idea incubators Rotterdam has to offer.

Feel free to pass by: Spanjaardstraat 23, 3025 TG Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

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