About us

Our Story

We believe that to know where you are going to, you first have to embrace where you came from. Our parents travelled from Cape Verde to Holland looking for a better future and raised us with the believe that if you want something you have to work for it. This deep-rooted drive and our passion for fashion is exactly where the brand Diversité was born from.

We grew up in a city of diversity, creativity and architecture; Rotterdam. With more than 170 different nationalities and nearly 50 percent ethnic minorities, the population of Rotterdam is one of the most diverse in the world. Growing up in this city has given us knowledge, inspiration and experience that is needed to survive in difficult situations of life and to become go-getters.

In 2016 we took the first step by launching our own shoe brand with the dream of shaking up the fashion industry. Tired of big brand markups and meaningless shoes without a concept or message, we set out to create an conceptual brand for go-getters.

Our Products 

We make conceptual products which you can wear with pride inspired by architecture, art, culture and music. Proof of this can be seen in the design of our first collection in which we have processed the Erasmus Bridge to give something back for the city that shaped us. All our products are handmade in one of the best manufacturer in Portugal with 75 years of experience who also makes products for leading brands such as Perks and Isabel Marant.

By wearing our products you can show the world that you are a go-getter. A go-getter is someone who finds a way to realize her or his dreams. They are energetic, determined to be successful, and able to deal with new or difficult situations easily. So if you are earning what you need to live the life you want and loving every day of it, you're a go-getter.

Our Mission

We are more than just a shoe brand. We are here to inspire and create a motivational fashion brand for go-getters. Our mission is to encourage and inspire at least 25.000 people per year to take the first or next step in the direction they want to go in life. Just like we did. To realize this, we provide monthly lectures, workshops, exclusive collaborations and share stories of different go-getters through a weekly podcast hosted by the co-founder; Wesley dos Santos.