The Bridge Low Top is a understandable and impressive continuation of the previous collection. They are powerful, timeless, comfortable and handmade in one of the best manufacturer in Portugal with 75 years of experience and know how.

The Bridge Low Tops are also inspired by the Erasmus Bridge. Besides processing the bridge on the heel pieces we gave this iconic bridge an additional hat tip by emblazing its silhouette on the (in)side of the shoe.


The Bridge High Top is our first collection and so called; gift of life. This collection is defined by it’s unique but timeless design and fits any style, age and personality. Whether it’s urban, classic, contemporary or casual, as diverse as people are, so is the Bridge High Top.

These high-tops are inspired by the Erasmus Bridge: the pride of Hollands most multicultural city. As an ode, we subtly processed this Dutch hallmark into the heel pieces.