About us

Diversité is a Rotterdam-based fashion brand that grows by giving back. Established in 2015 by founders Wesley dos Santos and Adilson Araujo.

Functional designs, local production, exclusive collaborations, eco-friendly materials and growing by giving back. This is the manifesto of Diversité. Our mission is to become world's best-scoring fashion brand in the Giving Back Index.



  • Every year we design four contemporary collections inspired by urban architecture and culture. A mix of street and chic.
  • We love to collaborate with other companies or artists to make a collection. Every year we launch at least four exclusive co-creations in limited numbers.
  • As go-getters we believe in functionality. You can style our products in several ways to guarantee high costs per wear.


  • We have carefully selected our manufacturers. Our shoes are produced in Portugal (Felgueiras).
  • To reduce our ecological footprint we work together with the most eco-friendly production company; Bolflex.
  • We have nothing to hide from consumers and retailers, we reveal our real costs and our margins.


    • Every year we adopt a primary school in Cape Verde. For each sold pair we make sure one child gets educated for one year.
    • We want to inspire 25.000 people each year by sharing our knowledge and experiences through events, lectures and workshops.
    • We use eco-friendly recycled soles, produced with 70% of recycled rubber to reduce our footprint.